2017 Spring Biggest Eyewear Fashion Trends – Rochester Hills

2017 Spring Biggest Eyewear Fashion Trends - Rochester Hills

Your glasses are an important part of your everyday fashion. They speak volumes about your personality and are a great accessory that can be changed to fit your mood or the occasion. If you’re looking for a new pair of glasses for 2017, you will be pleased to know that there’s a little something for everyone in this year’s eyewear trends. Fashion and function work well together in 2017 and there is a return to delicate feminine features and fine details for both men and women’s glasses. While Dr. Mark  Roy of Oakland Optometry in Rochester Hills, can help you fit your glasses, here are the 2017 trends in eyewear that will help you find the perfect frame for you.

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Eyewear Trend #1 - The Hot Materials

Let’s start with the basics. While acrylic frames continue to be popular in 2017, the latest trends in glasses are mixed material frames and simple wire frames.

The 2017 style that fits the mixed material trend the best is the clubmaster browline style. This frame combines a heavy, acrylic or wood upper frame (along the browline) with a delicate metal frame along the sides and cheeks. This popular style for 2017 offers both diversity in shape and color, and is perfect for the individual who can’t decide between an acrylic frame and the trendy wire frame. 

If you are excited for the return of wire frames, look towards aviator glasses for inspiration. This style combines both straight and rounded details, and can be a great choice for both daily wear and sunglasses. To stay on trend for 2017, make sure that your wire frames are gold. Gold is the wire color of choice this year, and will ensure that your frames are perfectly in-style.

Eyewear Trend #2 - Retro Style

The hipster movement has created a demand for retro style glasses in 2017. Inspiration for the retro style trends this year come from the 1950s. The hot glasses for 2017, however, are nothing like your parent’s or grandparent’s glasses. Horn-rimmed glasses are making a comeback, and cat eye frames continue to be a popular women’s style in 2017. The clubmaster style is on trend for both style and material in 2017. These modern retro styles have been updated with bold colors, attention to detail, and a focus on comfort and good fit.

Eyewear Trend #3 - Attention to Detail

You’ll notice that the hot frames for 2017 have great details. This is the case for both men’s and women’s frame styles. Look for things like rivets and metal details at the end pieces for men’s glasses. Women’s frames for 2017 will incorporate delicate features like filigreed temples or temples with feminine details such as crystals or jewels.

Eyewear Trend #4 Simple Colors

In the last few years, the popular frame colors were dark, plain and opaque. In 2017, there is a return to light and color in frames. The most popular color for 2017 will be pantone green (color of the year). Look for translucent frames in this blending of brown and black shades. If pantone green isn’t your style, other hot colors for 2017 include red, pink, purple and teal. If you really want to make a statement, look for tortoise shell frames with these bold colors as part of the mix.

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For the individual who wears glasses, your frame choice is an accessory that should fit your style and tastes. Oakland Optometry carries frames to fit everyone’s style. If you’re ready for a new pair of glasses, stop in at Oakland Optometry in Rochester Hills to see our full line of frames and get a perfect fit from our expert optometrist, Dr. Mark Roy.  To schedule an eye exam in Rochester Hills call 248.373.6500.

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