Eyewear in Rochester Hills — What’s New?

Eyewear in Rochester Hills -- What's New?

If you're looking for eyewear in Rochester Hills, Oakland Optometry has the latest and greatest.  We're excited to share a short story of each new eyewear line since the fun part of our job is shopping for new eyewear collections.

We were immediately drawn to the Friezeframe collection because of its retro-chic and vintage style frames.  Designed by two cousins, owners Marc Franchi and Jason Stanely,  have a classic aesthetic, but with a fun and inspired twist to each of their frames.  They seek to capture the glamour of a bygone era, while striving to bring bold, trend-setting fashion to their eyewear collection.

The Legre eyewear collection was originated by two opticians who both worked at high-end optical stores in New York.   With their expertise in optics, they designed a collection of plastic frames that is unique and diverse.  Our patients will enjoy this collection with its utmost comfort, beauty and precision.

With the new Modo Eco eyewear line, you'll look good with its cool eyewear designs.   You'll feel good knowing it's made with 95% recycled materials.  And you'll "do good" knowing for every frame sold, one new tree is planted.

Lastly, the Marc Ecko eyewear collection offers trendy, vintage styling with a modern edge.  Try on the hip collection of iconic retro, geek chic and urban eyewear.

Do you need eyewear in Rochester Hills?

If you're looking for eyewear in Rochester Hills, come visit Dr. Mark Roy and his optometric team at Oakland Optometry.  You'll find the latest and greatest in new eyewear including Legre, Modo Eco, Marc Ecko and Friezeframe eyewear collections.

Find out what's new in eyewear in Rochester Hills.  Call Oakland Optometry at 248.373.6500.














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