Are you an athlete looking for Contact Lenses in Oakland County?

 Contact Lenses for the athlete in Oakland County

contact-lenses-oakland-countyIf you are an athlete looking for contact lenses in Oakland County, look no further than Oakland Optometry. We are located in Rochester Hills, in Oakland County, Michigan.   Dr. Mark J. Roy, owner of Oakland Optometry,  runs one of the most thorough and technically advanced optical practices in Rochester Hills. He is known for his expertise in managing each of his patients' (and their families) eye health needs and vision concerns, and has mastered fitting contact lenses ensuring patients have a positive lens-wearing experience. Additionally, Dr. Roy has a special interest in managing children’s vision since many children have undetected vision problems that can interfere with the ability to read and learn.

Dr. Roy, along with the Oakland Optometry team, offers the best eye care solutions. The contact lens eye exam consists of time spent updating your vision and medical history, refracting your eyes which helps determine any changes in your vision, and then using a digital retinal camera to photograph the back of your eye which can verify your overall eye health and detect certain eye problems before they become major concerns.

When Dr. Roy prescribes sport-specific contact lenses, he keeps performance, comfort and sun protection in mind.  Dr. Roy recommends daily disposable lenses for athletes.  A contact lens is at its peak performance right out of the package.  When it's removed, it's the freshest and cleanest that it will ever be, critical for peak vision performance.  When accessing the best contact lens for athletes, Dr. Roy considers the given sport for which he's prescribing. For example, a road cyclist may be looking in an up-gaze and it's important to evaluate that the contact lens remains centered.   Lastly, since many sports are played outside, many contact lenses also offer ultra-violet (UV) protection.

There's no doubt that contact lenses are a staple in sports vision.  Dr. Roy goes the extra mile and takes pride in prescribing the best lenses that are specific to an athlete's passion.  For more information on services we offer, visit our eye care services page.

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