Eye Exams for Children Near Rochester Hills, MI

Eye Exams for Children Near Rochester Hills, MI

Kids Eye Exams Rochester Hills, MichiganAccording to Dr. Mark Roy of Oakland Optometry in Rochester Hills, many of our adult patients were diagnosed with vision issues when they were children. For these patients, starting early with eye exams is an important part of raising their own, healthy children with good vision. However, many of our patients don’t understand the importance of early eye exams for their children. Often times we see young patients only when their parents or teachers have noticed signs that they may have a vision problem. Fortunately, many vision problems are easy to correct if caught early. If you aren’t sure if your child should have an eye exam, here are some suggestions.

Start Early

Vision problems for children can develop very early in life, and the sooner they are diagnosed, the easier it is to set a course of corrective action for your child’s vision. The American Optometric Association recommends that a child have their first comprehensive vision screening as an infant (around 6 months of age). This exam should be followed up with another exam at age 3 and then just before entering kindergarten. After kindergarten, your child should have an exam every two years if they don’t have vision issues, or annually if they require glasses or contact lenses.

What Can an Early Eye Exam Detect?

Children that have comprehensive eye exams starting at an early age are at an advantage for correcting a variety of common vision problems. Not only can a comprehensive eye exam determine if your child needs a correction for near or farsightedness, but a variety of physical issues can also be detected. Things such as binocular coordination, eye movement issues and focusing problems are easily corrected if caught early, and can make a big difference in your child’s vision. All of these vision issues can create other problems and challenges for your child as they get older and start school, so diagnosing them early and correcting them can keep your child’s growth and development on track.

What Happens if We Discover a Vision Problem?

Our first bit of advice to parents, when we discover a vision problem, is to not worry. Most vision problems we detect in children can be corrected or improved fairly easily. If we find an issue, we may recommend a follow-up exam or additional testing during the visit. Some vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Others, such as lazy eye may require patching to help the weaker eye build strength.

Why Is an Eye Exam So Important?

Besides the obvious reason of determining if your child has a vision issue, a comprehensive eye exam is directly related to your child’s success in school and in life. Identifying vision issues early gives us a head start on correcting them, and allowing your child to enter school without an added challenge. Not being able to see what teachers are presenting in class can cause your child to become frustrated and disinterested in learning. This can lead to poor academic performance and not wanting to go to school. Catching and correcting vision issues early is a key to raising a successful learner.

For More Information on Children's Vision Services

Eye exams are just as important for your kids as they are for you. Dr. Mark Roy of Oakland Optometry provides outstanding vision care for your entire family. Whether you or your children need an eye exam or you are looking for a great pair of glasses, we can help you with all of your vision related needs. For more information on our services or to make an eye exam appointment for you or your child, please contact us at (248) 373-6500.

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