Eye Doctor in Rochester Hills Says “Success At School Starts with an Eye Exam”

"Success at School Starts with an Eye Exam" Says Rochester Hills Eye Doctor, Dr. Mark Roy

Back-to-School Eye Exams - Rochester Hills MIIt’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and our kids will be heading back to school in no time. With July ending, preparations for the start of a new school year have begun. You may already be checking off things on your back-to-school list. You’ve started buying new clothes and shoes, you’ve picked up class schedules and supply lists, and maybe you’ve even finished shopping for your supplies. But have you scheduled back-to-school eye exams for your kids?  Dr. Mark Roy of Oakland Optometry in Rochester Hills believes it’s crucial to your child’s success in school to have an eye exam before the start of every school year. Being able to see well, read well, and participate without hesitation starts with a back-to-school eye exam.

Did You Know That One in Four Children Have Undiagnosed Vision Problems?

The most common vision problem that Dr. Mark Roy sees in school aged children is myopia, or nearsightedness. Myopia starts to develop when your child is 6 to 7 years old. Have you noticed your child holding a book extra close to their face or sitting closer to the TV or their tablets than they used to? This is a sure sign that they are having vision issues. When your child gets back into the classroom, this translates into difficulty seeing the blackboard. If your child can’t see what is on the board, they may be hesitant to participate in class and can quickly fall behind in their academic growth.

Eyes Change Rapidly for Teenagers

If your child was diagnosed with a vision problem and has been wearing corrective lenses, they may not have needed a new prescription for a few years. However, the onset of puberty not only effects your child’s body and emotions but their eyes as well. During the few years when kids are growing and changing the fastest, the early teen years, your child’s vision can also change rapidly. Nearsightedness that seemed to be holding steady during elementary school can quickly progress as your child becomes a teenager. Annual back-to-school eye exams can detect these rapid changes and allow you to get the right corrective lenses for your teenager, so that they can excel in school and not fall behind.

Diagnose Other Vision Issues

In addition to myopia, there are also a variety of other vision problems that can hinder your child’s academic success. These may include farsightedness, lazy eyes, misaligned eyes, and astigmatism. All of these can be corrected either with prescription lenses or a routine of eye strengthening exercises. They also can cause your child to struggle in school. A back-to-school eye exam with Dr. Mark Roy will catch these problems early and keep them from slowing down your child.

Limit Unnecessary Distractions

Even slight changes in vision can cause eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision. These can be distracting for your child. When your child is distracted, they probably aren’t focused on the classroom and won’t be as successful with their academics. It’s easy to clear these distractions with an eye exam and corrective lenses.

And Don’t Forget the Fashion

You’ve probably bought your kids new clothes that everyone is wearing. So before you send them off to school for the year, it’s a great idea to make sure that their eye-wear is trendy too. This may seem unimportant and frivolous, but if your child needs corrective lenses to see well, getting them to wear their glasses is the only way they are going to work for your child. If your child thinks their glasses are “cool”, they are more likely to wear them. If your teen has been asking to lose the glasses for a pair of contacts, now is the perfect time to schedule a comprehensive contact lens exam and a fitting. They will not only feel confident, but they will be able to see what’s happening in the classroom and this greatly improves their chances for academic success.

As you are getting your family ready to head back to school, don’t forget to include scheduling the annual back to school eye exams to your checklist. They are an important part of academic success and a good back-to-school routine.

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Dr. Mark Roy of Oakland Optometry in Rochester Hills is here to get your family ready for school by providing comprehensive eye exams and offering a full range of fashion-forward eyeglasses and contact lenses. Before your kids head back to school, call Dr. Mark Roy at (248) 373-6500, to schedule comprehensive eye exams for your family or schedule online at eyeexamsrochesterhills.com.

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