Back to School Eye Exams: First Steps to Success

Back to School Eye Exams: First Steps to Success

Back To School Kids Eye Exams - Rochester Hills AreaDr. Mark J. Roy of Oakland Optometry in Rochester Hills cannot emphasize enough the importance of a comprehensive eye exam for your children, before they start school. With one in four children suffering from vision problems, undiagnosed but easily corrected issues can lead to learning disabilities, academic struggles, and lags in learning success. Before your child starts school, here are some reasons why they need a comprehensive eye exam.

Visions Screening Aren’t Enough

Many parents think that the vision screening that their child gets at school or at the doctor’s office is more than adequate for determining if their child sees fine. The problem with these vision screenings is that they are only good for determining if your child is suffering from a vision problem such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. Yes, these vision problems can cause challenges in academic success, but they are not the only vision issues that your child can be unknowingly suffering from. As a parent, your job is to take the information that is provided from a basic vision screening, and bring it to your optometrist.  Dr.  Mark Roy from Oakland Optometry can use these results to fully examine your child’s vision and eye health to determine the exact cause of their vision problems and recommend the right course of corrective action.

Seeing the World Clearly

As an adult, you probably don’t realize how much of your child’s learning and education comes from that they see. Not only does your child need to see for the basics of learning to read, write and do math, but their interaction and understanding of the world comes directly from what they see. For kids, everything that comes through their eyes is completely new. As adults, we often take this for granted. Giving your child the gift of good eye sight means that they can learn from the world around them, and experience all of the amazing things that our Earth gives us, without the struggle. We love the website thinkaboutyoureyes.com. This site has great videos about the importance of good eyesight for your kids. The video about kids’ eyesight is a great reminder for us about how much of this world your child learns, through their eyes.

Classroom Success

Of course good eyesight is directly related to your child’s success in the classroom. Just imagine for a moment if you couldn’t clearly see the math problems that your teacher was asking you to solve, or perhaps you’re having a hard time differentiating between different letters on the work in front of you. If your child has vision issues, this is their everyday reality. Struggling to see can make learning incredibly challenging for children, and can even cause them to fall behind their peers, resulting in poor academic performance and a lack of confidence when it comes to learning new skills. Start early with an annual comprehensive eye exam and make sure your child is scheduled for an eye exam before the start of each school year, to ensure that their academic success won’t be hindered by vision problems.

Back to School Eye Exams & Vision Tests for Kids

Dr. Mark Roy of Oakland Optometry wants each member of your family to have a clear view of the world. That’s why we think it’s so important for your child to have a back to school, comprehensive eye exam. With so much of your child’s academic success based on how well they see, an annual vision exam should be at the top of your back to school list.

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