At Oakland Optometry, it’s the little things that count.

At Oakland Optometry, it's the little things that count.

On a typical day at Oakland Optometry in Rochester Hills, we repair broken nose pads, tighten loose screws on frames, replace lenses that were chewed by the new puppy, order a replacement frame because glasses were lost in a heap of raked leaves, and/or give a frame a tune up because the grand baby tugged too hard.   You name it, we've encountered every possible eye wear repair scenario!  And, true to Murphy's Law, the day you order new frames (because you've lost your frames now for weeks),  your glasses will show up.

The unsung heroes of our practice are Stefanie Steiner and Denice Febbraro, our certified opticians that can perform miracles on any "injured" frame.  They also pride themselves on the personal service given to each of our patients.  They love the opportunity to educate our patients on their eye health and vision correction options.   They shine when they talk about sun glass options.  They'll educate you on the various sun lens options available for protection against harmful UV; provide expertise on which frame complements you; and inform you on the variety of sunglasses made specifically for outdoor activities including fishing, golfing, driving and running, along with many Rx able lens choices too.

Our team of experts at Oakland Optometry continue to be at the cutting edge, learning new information on vision-care related topics, including children's vision, digital and computer eye strain, progressive lens options,  protective eye wear, UV protection and more.

In addition to offering vision care advice, we'll keep you posted on the latest and greatest happenings in the optical industry via Facebook and our website.  We keep our frame boards continuously stocked with the latest trends in eye wear.  Our monthly eye wear trunk shows help keep us connected to our patients.   Lastly, our monthly meetings with  industry experts keep the Oakland Optometry team informed of all the new technology available.

It's the little things we try to do to stay connected to our patients and help them with all of their vision needs.  After all, we've learned it's the little things that count when our patients rely on us year after year to help them with all of their vision needs.





























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